Neptune Nights


Neptune Nights

Neptune Nights 1: Poetry Tuesday 4 November, 7.30–9.30pm
Neptune Nights 2: Prose Tuesday 11 November, 7.30–9.30pm

The workshops are free but places are limited and booking is recommended.
To book please visit the Eventbrite pages (Night 1, Night 2), speak to a member of the gallery team, or call 01273 778646.

According to astrologers, the planet Neptune represents chaos and dissolution, but also compassion, wise visions, and slow change for the better. As part of my Fabrica residency, I’ll be leading two creative writing sessions exploring the mythic, scientific, literary and astrological significance of Neptune and asking participants to reflect on its themes.  No previous experience of creative writing or astrology required.

If you wish to learn the placement of Neptune in your chart, please email the gallery with your date, time and place (nearest city/town) of birth at time of booking:


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